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A Typical ASAP Meal Day
Using the all New "Rev" Formula
by Youngevity


Before you eat or drink anything - PLACE .75 ml Rev drops under your tongue, hold for app. 2-3 minutes and swallow.  Wait 15 minutes before eating or drinking – this gives you enough time to get your breakfast ready.

Breakfast: - 2 eggs scrambled, 1 organic no nitrate chicken sausage, sliced into coins and browned.  Coffee or tea with milk or cream, but no sweetener – app. 300 calories.
OR -- 1 cup of fresh fruit and a cup of yogurt – app. 250 calories.
OR  -- 4 eggs scrambled – topped with salsa – believe it or not this is a less than 300 calorie breakfast.  You do not need to be afraid of eggs!  Just make sure that you are scrambling them in a pan that has been well heated and lightly coated with just a skim of oil, butter, or 'Pam'. Poaching your eggs is also an excellent method.

2nd DOSE OF REV -- If you start to feel hungry long before it’s time for lunch, take a dose of REV as described in the ‘how to use’ page, wait the 15 minutes, if you still really feel like you HAVE to have something – eat a handful of brazil nuts, each nut is app. 20 calories and if you eat them one at a time and chew well, it should really curb the need to eat – an apple or a banana is also a good midmorning snack that will hold you over, but remember to take the drops before you have the snack and wait the 15 minutes!  This allows your body to achieve the maximum absorption of the nutrients – especially the B vitamins, which are the key to curbing your appetite. 

  Meatless burger (See Recipes) on sandwich thin with tomato and onion and ketchup – app. 200 calories – add a slice of cheese to the ‘burger’ and it is still only app. 300 calories. 
OR – 3 oz cooked chicken breast chopped up over lettuce greens, tomato, onion, a few soybean nuts for crunch, a 1” cube cheddar cheese chopped or grated – or a hardboiled egg – This entire salad comes in at less than 350 calories even with a tablespoon of low-cal dressing!
OR – open a can of sardines – get about 5 Triscuits (the other ‘bread’ that I allow myself)  Fork a little sardine onto the cracker and top with chopped red onion and mustard or hot sauce.  – You’ll be amazed at how filling this meal is and it comes in UNDER 300 calories!  Plus you can always garnish any of your meals with lettuce and tomato for extra fullness.

3rd REV DOSE -- At least 15 minutes before dinner – take a dose of REV as described above.  (or if you got hungry earlier, follow the REV plus a little snack method as described above – another easy, lite and satisfying snack would simply be a hardboiled egg or two, or a slice of pineapple with a ½ cup vanilla yogurt.)

Dinner: 3 oz chicken breast, green salad with ½ apple and lite dressing (app. 80 calories on the dressing total), baked potatoe with salsa – app. 330 calories.
OR - 10 whole Jumbo shrimp (YUM!!), steamed fresh broccoli – as much as you want, but no cheese or butter!  If you drizzle with a little low cal dressing, just be sure to count those calories.  A slice of pineapple on a bed of lettuce.  A beautiful meal both visually and nutritionally, and believe it or not, the entire calorie count of this meal is only app. 250 calories!!  This gives you plenty of room for that glass of wine or sensible dessert ASAP diet drops work!!
OR sautéed London Broil Strips (remember the deck of cards!) with green peppers, onions and mushrooms.  You should pre-sautee the peppers, onions and mushrooms in about tablespoon of olive oil (careful with the olive oil – a tablespoon is about 120 calories, but it’s a good fat and you need some good fats in your diet too).  So add the meat to the sautéed veges and the meat won’t overcook.  It only takes a few minutes for the London Broil and a little soy sauce really pumps up the flavor of the entire dish.  Use a lot of peppers, onions and mushrooms (calories you don’t need to count!) You won’t miss the fact that there is no rice ASAP diet drops work!! (Deck of cards size of beef is 190 calories as opposed to the other meats which are only about 120) So this meal comes in at only about 310.

“I miss my Rice and Pasta!”  Listen, if you absolutely feel like you MUST have rice or pasta once in a while with your meals, just remember to keep the portion to the size of a tennis ball.  This adds about 150 calories to the meal, so skip your snacks – or just eat ½ of a deck of cards worth of the London Broil and go ahead and have that taste of rice or pasta if you really miss it. 

This diet is not about hating life – it is about celebrating good health!!

As you can see, your total calories with this day-plan can easily stay within the 800 - 1200 calorie range.  Now you KNOW you are going to lose weight by eating those few calories a day, and the REV drops will keep you nutrified and burning your fat as well as curbing your hunger all day long. 

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Asap Diet Dr. Wallach Youngevity Dr. Wallach Dead Drs. Don't Lie As Slim as possible diet no hormones ASAP diet drops are hormone free Low calories high nutrients for rapic weight loss Great Recipes for your ASAP diet plan Rapid weight loss with the ASAP diet drops


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