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“Tricks and Tips”


Foods to put in your shopping cart:
ASAP Diet food list for

Protein Sources - Lean meats, fish and eggs – Fresh chicken and turkey (no skins – and no lunchmeat – too much salt in lunchmeat!), pork loin, ham, all types of fish and shrimp, London broil (this is the only beef that I buy – ground turkey is a good substitute for beef dishes that usually call for hamburger), sardines, eggs --  Well cooked bacon is fine – each strip is only about 50 calories!  I also really enjoy chicken sausages – there are several out in the stores now, and each link is only about 150 calories or less.  Just make sure you read the calorie count on the labels so you know what you are getting, and I don’t need to tell you that you should trim the fat off the pork loin and the ham, do I? ASAP diet drops work!!

Portion control is very important so an easy way to get your necessary daily protein (9 oz worth – 3 oz per meal) is to visualize a deck of cards - a 3 oz portion of meat is about the size of a deck of cards.  Jumbo shrimp are only about 110 calories for 5 of them and each one is a delicious mouthful!  Sardines are typically less than 200 calories per can and also really fill you up.  (Of course, you should NOT consume the oil that they are packed in).  And most fish varieties follow the same ‘deck of cards’ portion size rule.
You can also get a kitchen scale and actually weigh your meat proteins to the 3 oz portion – Obviously there should be no butter, gravy, mayonnaise, or sauces on your meats.  Mustards, cocktail sauce, ketchup and salsa are low calorie options for jazzing up all your foods.

Eggs are wonderful coming in at only 70 calories each – hard or soft boiled.  If you fry or scramble them, you want to lightly grease your pan with olive oil and you don’t need to really count those calories as long as it is just a skimming of oil to keep the eggs from sticking.  I have to tell you, I eat a lot of eggs.

All Fruits and Vegetables are acceptable, and all greens, lettuces and tomatoes, celery, onions, cabbages, cucumbers and mushrooms are virtually calorie free – so I never count these calories and always tried to load up on them at my meals.  I always buy cherry tomatoes too  because they make a great 0 calorie snack!  Yes, I know they do have calories, but there are so few, it’s hardly worth the time in counting them, so eat those cherry tomatoes!

You DO need to count the calories of fruits, and you can easily look up all the fruits online – but my favorites are fresh (not canned – never buy canned fruit, always buy fresh) pineapple – which is only 30 calories for a nice thick slice; apples -- only 60 calories for a medium sized apple and they taste great in salads.  And yes, you can have a banana once in a while, they are about 100 calories each.  Avocados are always in my cart – a whole one is about 250 calories, so you only should eat ½ - great in salads or as a snack.  Strawberries, Papaya, Kiwi and Watermelon makes an AMAZING fruit salad and 2 full cups is less than 150 calories!  Put that with ½ a cup of yogurt and you have a great and satisfying meal!
You will notice that there is no bread listed up there.  The ASAP diet plan recommends that you eliminate breads, rice and pasta because they are very low in nutrition for the amount of calories that they cost.  Potatoes are ok – as long as you eat them without butter, salt, gravy, sour cream.  One baked potato is about 100 calories and you can load it up with salsa (read the labels for the calorie count) and even a little bit of cheese.   

Nuts, especially Brazil nuts, are a great snack or addition to salad if your salad is your meal.  Typically ¼ cup of any nuts is about 150 to 175 calories so you have to be very mindful of how many you are eating.  I recommend actually measuring all nuts with a measuring cup. 

What About Dairy? Yogurt, plain or Vanilla, but remember the Vanilla has more calories – so make sure you read the label!  Avoid the fruited yogurts entirely – you can add your own fresh fruit and avoid all that sugar.  I eat yogurt almost every day.  Another good dairy, in small proportion is Ricotta or cottage cheese – but watch your portions!   And of course, all the cheeses are great sources of protein and nutrients – but again, watch your portions! 

The key to cheese is to eat no more than the size of two dice (app. 1 oz - or a 1 inch square cube) – They are high in calories - 1 oz of cheese is an average of 70 - 100 calories!  Some varieties are a little less, some are a little more, but as long as you stick to the ‘pair of dice’ size rule, you can keep your cheese servings at app. 100 calories for accurate calorie counting.  Feta cheese is a particularly low calorie cheese and offers a LOT of flavor to salads!

I like to use Ricotta for a really groovy “dessert” – About ½ cup of Ricotta drizzled with a tablespoon of Agave syrup – OMG tastes like cheesecake!  You can also use a good organic maple syrup for the same effect.  And the calories are only 210 – on a really low cal diet like this, you can hardly ever think about having a dessert, so when I get that uncontrollable sweet tooth, this is a great option – plus it is full of calcium, protein, and the Agave syrup is all natural – it does add about 60 calories per tablespoon, but is so intensely sweet, you hardly even need that much! 

Milk should always be 2% or skim and you should always count those calories – have a cup (110 for 2%) as a snack with a square of 80% cocoa dark chocolate – This indulgent snack totals only 170 calories and really hits the spot! (and the dark chocolate actually has a couple grams of fiber!)

Finally, my “Ace in the Hole” is a meatless burger recipe.  I LOVE CHEESEBURGERS! Unfortunately, they are off the list coming in at typically 500 calories or more, so I came up with this amazing

Meatless Burger Recipe

8 oz pkg. Baby Portobello Mushrooms – sliced thick
1 tbl. Olive oil
1 cup uncooked Quinoa
1 whole bulb fresh garlic – raw and minced
1  - 16 oz can black beans – drained and rinsed
2 eggs
1 tbl. Worcestershire sauce
2 tbl dried oregano
1 tsp ground mustard
1 tsp pepper (you can modify the seasonings to your own taste, for example, curry and cumin can be used for a different flavor entirely!)
1-2 cups old fashioned uncooked oatmeal
1.  Sautee the sliced mushrooms in the olive oil – place in a strainer and press out most of the liquid
2. Cook 1 cup of Quinoa in 2 cups of water until all the water is absorbed.
3. Place the drained and rinsed black beans into a food processor along with the strained mushrooms, cooked quinoa and minced raw garlic.  Blend until smooth.
4.  Add eggs, Worcestershire sauce, oregano, mustard and pepper.
5.  Slowly add uncooked oatmeal until the consistency of the mix is like peanut butter. 
6.  Scoop mixture into a square container and place in the refridgerator for about 1 hour.  When it is chilled, use a knife to score the top into 20 portions.  The entire recipe totals to about 2000 calories so each portion is only 100 calories!
You can store this in the fridge for up to 2 weeks.  All you have to do is cut out one portion with a spatula, drop it into a pan that you have heated up with about 1 tsp. Olive oil, and press it lightly down until about ¼ inch thick with a fork and the spatula to form a kind of pattie.  Let it brown thoroughly on both sides. 
You can use 2 of these ‘burgers’ as your meat!  But what I do is place one on a round wholewheat sandwich thin (this is the one bread that I allowed myself – they are only 100 calories, and full of protein and fiber, so the burger and the ‘bun’ together is only 200 calories).  On top of that I place a thick slice of garden tomato and a thick slice of red onion, and ketchup, and it is still really only 200 calories.  It makes a big sandwich and totally satisfies my burger cravings!  For a ‘cheeseburger’, you can add a slice of cheese, but remember to count the calories – there is also a ‘soy cheese’ out there that only adds about 50 calories per slice and doesn’t taste too bad either!


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Asap Diet Dr. Wallach Youngevity Dr. Wallach Dead Drs. Don't Lie As Slim as possible diet no hormones ASAP diet drops are hormone free Low calories high nutrients for rapic weight loss Great Recipes for your ASAP diet plan Rapid weight loss with the ASAP diet drops


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