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"About the ASAP Diet Drops"

*(Please note that most of the advice given on this website explains how to lose weight based on the 3 week ASAP plan, which is recommended for people who are trying to lose 10 to 20 lbs - For people who are desiring to lose 20 to 50 lbs or more, the stricter guidelines, as explained in detail on this official Youngevity website, should be followed. It is also recommended that anyone beginning any extreme weight loss plan should discuss it with their doctor first to make sure that they are healthy enough to begin.)

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.


ASAP diet drops really help you to lose a pound a day

Hello! My name is Jeanne Barnett. I am a Registered Youngevity Distributor.
I wanted this "About" page to be my honest evaluation of the ASAP diet drops which I myself used for my own weight loss journey.

MY STORY -- I hit my all time high of 156 lbs on New Year's Eve 2011 - I guess you could say that was my "AhHA!" moment when I realized that I was completely unhappy with myself! I'm only 5'1" and I used to weigh 115 - 120 for most of my adult life! It wasn't until hitting the ripe old age of 50 that I began to put on the weight. Many things for women change around that time, and I, not ever really needing to watch my weight before, didn't pay much attention to what was happening. I continued eating and drinking as always and every year for the next 3 years it seemed like another 10 pounds just appeared on my small frame! I was running out of clothes that fit!

I began to start counting calories, all the things people do, except being a 'woman of a certain age' I was afraid to try any kind of diet pills because of the adverse effects it might have on my heart, etc. So I tried things like diet drinks, diet bars, fiber capsules, etc - for someone who was new in the weightloss arena, I immediately saw how completely frustrating trying to lose weight can be!

So I went into denial. Kept saying to myself that it didn't matter, my husband loved me, older women are SUPPOSED to weigh more, yadda yadda yadda. And I continued to put on a few more pounds every year until New Year's Eve 2011, I could not believe how big I looked in the pictures standing next to my 6'1" - 280 pound husband! His big size always made me look small no matter what, but this time, I looked shorter, of course, but almost as big around. I was horrified. I actually destroyed the pictures I'm ashamed to say because he really looked good in them ASAP diet drops work!!

I launched a more concerted effort at dieting all through early 2012 - figuring that the naturally more active summer months would help me get my weight down, but then, near the end of May, I was attacked by a dog while walking in an unfamiliar neighborhood, and found myself couch-bound for several weeks. I was so depressed, I didn't get to plant my garden or do any of the outdoor things I normally enjoy, AND that burn those calories, so I shot right back up to156 lbs, it seemed like over night.

While recuperating from the dog bite, I began to spend more time on my computer, and as one thing led to another I wound up getting 'turned on' to Youngevity by a friend who has been in the health field for a long time. I was telling her about my weight gain, how I never had to worry before but now I was just so uncomfortable and she told me about the ASAP diet drops. I was skepticle, but decided to sign up as a business associate at Youngevity because I was actually looking for something to increase my internet income anyway.

I ordered the drops and began taking them on 8/31/12. I also started counting calories, fully expecting to not EVER be able to stick to the recommendation of between 800 - 1200 calories a day. I even argued with my friend at first telling her "Oh no, that isn't safe, your metabolism will slow down because your body will think it is starving, blah blah blah" All the stuff you hear all the time, but the truth is, 800 - 1200 calories a day is perfectly safe if you are making ALL of those calories nutrient dense calories! No cakes, cookies, white bread, sodas, we all know what the empty calories are. So what sense does adhering to a 1500 calorie per day minimum even make if they are not nutrient dense calories? Maybe a calorie is a calorie as far as weight loss goes, but if your calories are all, or even partially, CRAP, well, guess how you are going to feel while attempting to diet? And what does feeling like CRAP make you do?

We over eat - and minlessly eat when our bodies are not properly nutrified.
Very good class ASAP diet drops work!!

In addition to eating good, clean, nutrient dense foods -- and this is not hard to do my friends -- supplementing with the ASAP diet drops regimen 'urges' your body to burn your stored fat as fuel, so you don't feel drained, or weak or anything like that. You should also continue to supplement with your regular daily vitamin - something you should be taking anyway, since it is a well known fact that the modern western diet has been proven to be lacking in vital nutrients for one reason or another.

I hate taking pills, so I wasn't taking anything, but Youngevity has another amazing product -

Tangy Tangerine - which allows you to take a daily supplement in a delicious orange drink powder that you can mix with plain water, tea or juice (just make sure it is a high quality – no sugar added juice)

Taking the Tangy Tangerine and the ASAP Diet Drops along with my now completely clean and high nutrient foods diet, I not only immediately lost weight, but I haven't felt this good or this energized in years - since before I turned 50 actually! And this while losing a pound a day.

It seemed like nothing short of a miracle. I was even motivated to do yoga and other toning exercises again!

I immediately noticed that the low calorie intake was enough! And I was still able to enjoy my couple of alcoholic beverages that I like to have most evenings - of course you do have to count ALL calories, so I switched to lite beer or wine and even though I at first missed my regular beer, seeing the scale immediately begin to go down was more than enough motivation to do the right thing.

I truly did begin to lose a pound a day!

As of 9-15-12, I weighed 144 lbs. -- a full 12 pounds less than when I started only two weeks before! And not once, and I am being completely truthful here, not ONCE did I feel hungry or deprived, in fact, most days I had to remind myself to eat. (Don't you HATE it when people say that??) But I promise you, it is true.

I continued to use the drops until the bottle was gone, but with the holidays coming, I was not as meticulous with counting calories, however I STILL CONTINUED TO LOSE at a slower rate, but at this point, I really wasn't dieting at all, I was just eating what I needed (of course it was still all the 'good' foods). With Thanksgiving and Christmas, even though I wasn't taking the drops anymore, I still only gained back about 2 pounds, then after the Holidays, even without taking the drops, but following all the great low calorie recipes and not over-indulging, I dropped down to below 140 - a place where I had not been in over 10 years!

My ultimate weight goal is to be back at 120 - 125 where I was most of my life - at some point soon, I'm going to do another round of ASAP and I have complete confidence that I will be able to get there! In the meantime, I am exploring all of the other great Youngevity Products, in fact, I just ordered some of the Triple Treat Healthy Chocolate! So stay tuned!!

Like I have stated, I'm not a health professional, just a regular person trying to be the healthiest I can be, and I truly believe that the Youngevity products are a great way to achieve all of my health goals!

BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!  PLEASE FEEL FREE TO E-MAIL OR CALL ME AT 276-728-2778 FOR ADVICE AND SUPPORT!  If you are ready to order simply click on any one of the ordering links in the upper left column of all the pages of this website and make your choice!

Send in Your Story! Include pics! I would love to include YOU on this website!


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Asap Diet Dr. Wallach Youngevity Dr. Wallach Dead Drs. Don't Lie As Slim as possible diet no hormones ASAP diet drops are hormone free Low calories high nutrients for rapic weight loss Great Recipes for your ASAP diet plan Rapid weight loss with the ASAP diet drops


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